LED Lighting Systems

LED Lighting Systems

LEDs have replaced the old generation lighting products thanks to their many features. Low Power Consumption (up to 75% energy saving) We prepare very comprehensive reports for our customers in LED lighting projects. In these reports, the finest details such as which products will be used, where they should be used, the color and angle of the lighting fixture to be used are calculated. In addition, a project-specific savings report is also prepared by us. Existing We also calculate how much profit will be made when the LED lighting products we recommend are used instead of lighting products, and the recycling period of the project after the investment is made. All technical documents related to the products are given to the user and product features and usage are explained in detail to our customers by our technical team. Our aim is not only to sell products but also to inform the users completely.


We have our own production and imported products in the LED lighting sector. We produce LED lighting products with our “TRADA” brand. The certificates of our products are CE, TSE, DEKRA, KEMA KEUR etc…


In the lighting sector, the Netherlands is a country that has become a brand in the world. “LEDNED” is a Netherlands based international quality lighting company. As Atılım Elektronik, we are the distributor of these brands in Turkey. In general, it develops products in the field of industrial lighting. In addition, LED lighting products for end users (home, office) to be used in daily normal living areas are also produced and products are developed according to the needs.

Places where the products are generally used

  • Street and environmental lighting
  • Indoor lighting (parking lot, building shelters, etc.)
  • Factory lighting, Cold storage lighting, Hazardous environment lighting
  • Illumination of buildings or historical monuments with LED floodlights
  • Illumination of Pools
  • Warehouses, Hangars
  • Culture and Art centers, Museums
  • Hotels, shopping malls, business centers, organized industrial zones
  • Light bulbs, spotlights, etc. for home and offices…
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