Stage and Hall Lighting Systems

Professional lighting systems are lighting systems used to visually support stages in applications such as theater, dance, opera and concerts.

The general purpose of professional lighting systems is to illuminate the stage for ideal play, to enable people to see the stage easily and to enrich the stage visuality.

Lighting the stage, focusing on certain elements on the stage, creating different atmospheres, providing aesthetic visuality are among the primary functions of professional lighting systems.

Where Stage and Hall Lighting Systems are Used

  • Movie theaters
  • Schools
  • Theater halls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Concert venues
  • Disco-Bars
  • Culture and Art centers
  • Radio and Television

Where Projectors, Advertising and Information Monitors are Used

  • Shopping centers
  • Airport *Terminal station Buildings
  • Fairgrounds
  • Education Institutions
  • Meeting Rooms
  • City centers
  • Culture and Art centers
  • Advertising billboards
  • Hotels
  • Movie Theater
  • Radio and Television
  • Concerts
  • Stores
  • Sports Halls
  • Stadiums
  • All Sports Competitions.
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